Upgrade Your Catering Business with the Latest and Most Essential Kitchen Equipment

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Running a successful catering operation requires having a fully equipped commercial kitchen with the most essential appliances and cooking equipment. As a caterer, investing in quality kitchen equipment from reputable kitchen equipment suppliers Dubai  or  kitchen equipment companies in UAE allows you to efficiently prep food, manage large volumes, and expand your culinary options.

Here are some of the latest  equipment upgrades to consider for maximizing your catering kitchen.

High-Powered Blenders

Heavy-duty blenders like Vitamix or Blendtec models are indispensable for catering businesses. Their extreme blending power allows preparing large batches of purees, smoothies, sauces, and more. With the right blender, you can quickly whip up a few gallons of soup, instead of wasting time on multiple small batches. They’re built to withstand constant daily use.

Commercial Food Processors

Food processors like those made by Robot Coupe and Hobart can grind, chop, slice, knead and mix with incredible speed and precision. With different attachment blades, they can handle immense volumes of ingredients with ease and uniformity. Great time savers for prepping veggies, herbs, cheese, dough and more.

Heavy-Duty Stand Mixers

A heavy-duty stand mixer is a staple for baking prep. Models like those from Hobart can efficiently mix up to 80 quarts of dough or batter in one go. That allows producing sheet cakes, dozens of cupcakes, large pans of lasagna and more in a fraction of the time, and with reliable consistency. 

Heated Holding Cabinets

Keep prepared foods like entrees and sides fresh, moist and ready for service with a heated holding cabinet. They allow pre-plating meals in advance and holding at ideal serving temperature until guests are ready. Great for maintaining food quality. Look for models with humidity controls.

Commercial Microwave Ovens

Heavy-duty microwaves like Amana and Sharp’s high-powered commercial models can reheat batches of food far faster than residential models. They allow quickly heating pre-cooked dishes or prepping items like melts. Plus easy to program with shortcuts and presets.

High-Volume Sheet Pans

Standard sheet pans limit your batch sizes. Upgrade to larger, high-volume sheet pans that allow roasting vegetables, baking entrées, or prepping other menu items in greater quantities. Saves you from constantly cycling through small pans to fill your catering orders. 

Anti-Fatigue Commercial Floor Mats

Keep kitchen staff comfortable on their feet during long prep and event days. Commercial anti-fatigue mats provide extra cushioning and support. Investing in good mats reduces fatigue and back pain for cooks, improving safety and productivity.

Commercial Sinks

Standard residential sinks are too small for efficient catering use. Swap out for larger commercial sinks – either deep or wide – that can accommodate washing large pots and pans. Deep sinks allow submerging racks of glasses, while wide ones give more workspace for washing high volumes.

Speed Racks and Transport Carts

Sturdy stainless steel speed racks safely store sheet pans for efficient loading and transport. Carts allow quick loading/unloading for off-site catering events. Versatile investments that maximize organization and mobility.

Additional specialty appliances like sous vide machines, commercial ice machines and more can further optimize your catering kitchen. Work with reputable kitchen equipment companies in UAE to determine the right options to boost output while maintaining food quality. 

The key is upgrading equipment to improve batch size capabilities, speed, food safety and overall functionality. The right kitchen tools allow caterers to take their businesses to the next level.

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